An Educational Course for Adults Age 50 to 65


Benefits Of Attending The Course


Experienced Instructors

​Retirement Planning Today® is both entertaining and informative. Classroom sessions are taught by Licensed Instructors who enhance the presentation with stories of real-life experiences. Attendees enjoy the interactive lecture format where participation and questions are encouraged but not required.

Course Textbook

If you're like most Americans, you unknowingly learned your financial and lifestyle habits from your parents, spouse, or friends. You probably obtained the majority of your "financial education" through marketing collateral produced by financial services firms trying to sell you financial products (car loans, mortgages, insurance, mutual funds, or annuities?).

Who Should Attend This Course?

Retirement Planning Today® is designed for adults looking to retire anytime within the next 15 years. The course addresses financial issues that pertain to the self-employed as well as employees of corporations and government agencies. The course is designed to teach you how to build wealth and align your money with your values to accomplish your goals in life. Whether you plan to retire next year or 15 years from now, the information you learn in this class can deliver rewards throughout your lifetime.

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