An Educational Course for Adults
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Course Outline
Benefits Of Attending


The Difference between Education and Information

You can find trendy financial news almost anywhere but it is difficult to use this information to make informed decisions and create a plan for your retirement. This course is designed to save you time by delivering comprehensive knowledge you can easily apply to your situation. When it comes to important subjects like retirement planning, it makes sense to learn from a reliable, trusted source.


Learn Ways To

  • Create a plan to retire early
  • Handle retirement with rising inflation
  • Build an income plan for your retirement
  • Plan for retirement during market volatility
  • Use the latest tax law changes to your advantage
  • Properly allocate your assets within your employer retirement plan
  • Use 5 investment strategies to help manage risk

PictureCourse Textbook

This course includes a financial planning and retirement textbook with examples and illustrations, which is yours to keep. It helps you follow along with the classroom presentation and also contains valuable bonus worksheets. Written in easy-to-understand terms, your textbook helps you learn more about the financial concepts discussed in class, provides a step-by-step process to apply your knowledge and becomes a useful reference tool after the course is complete.


Optional Consultation

If you have financial questions that are personal in nature or relate to specific financial products, you may arrange to meet privately with your instructor after the course is complete. This consultation is complimentary for class attendees but is not required.